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AMY WRIGHT - Principal / Coach 

Amy has been a Ballroom and Latin dancer since the age of 10, competing at both regional and national level. 


Amy has won several national Ballroom and Latin championships and was the Under 21 Pre Amateur Ballroom Champion at age 18. Amy has competed with Grace for many years and together they won numerous titles including the “Champions of Tomorrow” Under 35 Ballroom All Lady event at Blackpool.  


Amy has danced in feature films, working with directors such as Ricky Gervais and renowned choreographer Paul Harris (whose credits include Harry Potter, Sense and Sensibility and Jayne Eyre). 


Amy is a qualified midwife and mum of 3. She is the Safeguarding Lead at Bright Ballroom and takes a nurturing and empathetic approach to her teaching.


GRACE BOWYER - Principal / Coach

Grace has over 20 years competitive dance experience in Ballroom and Latin as well as over ten years of teaching.

Grace has won both Juvenile and Junior National Championship titles as well as numerous All-Lady titles with Amy. 


Grace was ranked second in England’s Ballroom EADA Youth charts, representing her country in international events. Dancing has taken Grace around the world, even competing in Las Vegas, Nevada with her brother George. 


Grace has danced in Hollywood movies with Amy and at 17, Grace was chosen to demonstrate in Len Goodman’s (of Strictly Come Dancing) tutorial DVD performing the Tango and Foxtrot.


Grace focuses on technique, style and performance, using choreography to suit each individual or partnership. 

Grace is also first-aid trained and is qualified in child safeguarding.


GEORGE BOWYER - Associate Coach

During his eighteen years of dance experience, George has gained many credits including being a lead member of the British Ballroom and Latin team competing around the world for three years. 

George has achieved numerous titles in Open and Medalist championship circuits in the age categories Juvenile, Junior, Under 14s and Youth.

Since graduation from the prestigious Doreen Bird College, London, George has worked entertaining millions for the Walt Disney Company in parades and shows across the globe as well as appearing on This Morning. 

His expertise in the field led George to working as an Entertainment Trainer, preparing new performers for various shows and global spectacles. 

George’s teaching background encompasses genres such as Ballroom and Latin, Technical Jazz and Contemporary dance, coaching all ages and abilities from beginners to industry professionals.

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